Integrated Fly Management system

Bye-o-Fly Trap An innovative bucket designed to attract, trap and kill adult flies in outdoor areas and works in conjunction with our other Bye-o-Fly products to provide a full integrated fly control system. Whilst our predators will drastically reduce adult fly populations by killing, severe infestations require trapping of breeding adults and also those coming on site from exterior sites… read more

Bye-o-Fly P consists  of a mixture of two indigenous parasitoids of stable and house flies (Spalangia Cameroni and Muscidifurax Raptor) These species are two of around nine thousand species of wasp naturally occurring in the UK and the most commonly used in biological fly control worldwide today… read more

Bye-o-Fly L is a small predatory fly recognised by its bright black metallic sheen, it’s larva predates on fly larvae… read more

Bye-o-Fly E (Macrocheles robustulus)  is a beneficial insect, a predatory which attacks the eggs and larvae of various Diptera spieces, particularly flies and gnats… read more

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