Bye-o-Fly® Traps & Baits

Baited bucket trap which captures adult flies

What is it?

An innovative bucket designed to attract, trap and kill adult flies in outdoor areas and works in conjunction with our other Bye-o-Fly products to provide a full integrated fly control system. Whilst our predators will drastically reduce adult fly populations by killing, severe infestations require trapping of breeding adults and also those coming on site from exterior sites

How does it work?

A bait solution which is irresistible to flies is placed inside the bucket. Flies are also attracted by the vivid yellow colour of the bucket due to its similarity to pollen. Flies enter the bucket through strategically placed one-way cones around the bucket and are then unable to escape, drowning in the bait solution.

Where to apply?

This bucket works best placed outside in warm sunshine in strategic places established by a site survey

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